Thursday, 25 October 2012

Do you have a lucky charm?

[Source: flickr]

Mine is a classic one: a four-leaved clover. A gift for myself. What's yours?


  1. I love that neckpiece. So cute! I want one :)

    I love your blog! I really enjoyed looking at your posts. Specially your photos! They are just so creative and artistic, I love that they're are very clear and informative :) I just followed you on GFC and BlogLovin'! I hope you can visit my blog and maybe do the same? I would love that! Thank you and looking forward to more posts from you!


    1. Sabs, thank you so much for your visit and your kind words. I was traveling a lot the last few months. I'm still working on my backlog. I'm starting to follow you now. Cheers from Berlin! xoxo


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