Thursday, 7 November 2013

Obsessed: Scandal

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Last Monday, I started watching Scandal (Season 1 and 2). I must admit that I can't stop watching this show. Kerry Washington is fabulous and brilliant. Oh boy...and
Tony Goldwyn is the most sexiest "Mr. President" I've ever seen on TV. :)

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Okay, let's say it: we forgive him killing Patrick Swayze in Ghost! And what's that quote again? Yes...
"Men age like fine wine!"

About Tony Goldwyn's character (source: abc):
"Born to lead, President Fitzgerald Grant checked every box on the way to the White House. He’s got the Ivy League education, the decorated military service, the perfect wife and family and years of experience in the legislature and as the Governor of California. What he doesn’t have is the one thing he needs. The one thing we all need. Love. Olivia Pope is that thing. And Fitz can’t have her without losing everything else. When a crisis begins to brew over an alleged affair with a White House aide, Olivia and Fitz have to work together to control the damage and in the process see if theirs is a love that can be saved." 
About Tony Goldwyn playing "Fitz" (source: glamour)
"Scandal star Tony Goldwyn has a unique quality about him. OK, he has several—and one of them begins and ends with the word "abs." But what I'm most struck by is his ability to portray the tortured and captivating President Fitzgerald Grant, who, on paper, would be a villain. I mean, we're talking about a man who's cheating on First Lady Mellie with Olivia Pope and has killed a Supreme Court Justice. Yet every week, viewers not only don't judge him, but they flat-out root and empathize for him. That's a testament to Goldwyn's talent. He's able to break our hearts with a forlorn look or inspire us with a well-delivered speech. It's no wonder the man who plays The Man is so beloved by Gladiators everywhere..." 

Where were you all the time Mr. Goldwyn? Hope to see much more of you on screen!

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